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No matter the size; every business needs to have a professional website. Without one, you run the risk of losing clients to your competitiors.

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Helping your business grow

Result-focused Web Design

Digital strategies that help your business grow.

SEO Integration

Each web design is structured for SEO and includes on-site SEO for each page.

Lead Generation

Landing pages and optin forms to turn visitors into long-page clients.

Unlimited Support

Have access to our ticket suport system years after the websites completion.

Result Driven Web Design

Your website is another form of marketing; like a brochure with bigger pages. We execute each design by focusing on tangible standards of success such as lead generation, sales, and user engagement. Having a website made by professionals allows your business to create more sales and opportunities for growth.

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helping your business grow.

Our philosophy for each website is human-centered. We believe that each website should convey a strong message or story which supports the goal of the business and inspires visitors to take action.

We strongly believe that discovering the need of your audience is invaluable and should be conveyed through your design.

What You Need To Know

A bad impression can be gathered within a few seconds and can stay for long periods of time. People rarely keep opinions to themselves. This bad experience can be shared among family, friends, and even complete strangers.  Creating a good digital experience is important for that very reason.

 Our aim is to create the best user experience possible when people are interacting with your website.

Professional Web Design Kitchener

The city of Kitchener is populated with 204,668 residents. In its sister city Waterloo, there are 104 985 residents. If you include the tourists visiting the tri-city area for St. Jacobs Farmers MarketWaterloo Park, and Victoria Park you would know that it’s very likely that people are searching for your business online . Web Design in Kitchener is important for that very reason.

Marketing can be very expensive if you choose to go the printed media route. Not to mention the price of paid television and radio advertisements can be a burden to most businesses.

 The downfall of these forms of advertisement is that the time and space to convey your message to buyers is limited. Having a website is an inexpensive mode of marketing which allows you to share a ton of information on array of pages.

  • Strengthen brand credibility
  • Increase in leads
  • Market your products
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Long-term Commiment

Whether you want a website for your new business or are looking for a fresh redesign, our team of designers will capture your brand in the best light. Since we live in a world that puts mobile-first, we wouldn’t think of creating a website that did not cater to mobile, tablet, and desk top users.

Our 1-hour brain storming session allows us to draft your project and your dream goal. Exploring and combining both of our ideas leaves lots of room for feedback and fine-tuning. With each design you will have a clear sense of your choices and how it can affect the design and user experience.

Increased ROI

Since your website is another form of marketing, we focus on growing your conversion rates. We implement different methods of conversion, upsell, and list building.

We install and implement opt-in forms through the form of pop-ups or subscription boxes. Subscription boxes generally have an incentive for a sign up. These methods of conversions will allow you to send future promotions to buyers.

If your business model includes selling tangible items online, we are able to install programs that will allow you to recommend and upsell related products which will increase your overall sales.

List Building Campaign

We help you create an automated system that allows you to interact with your customers and send out relevant content/offers.

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The Best At What We Do.

At Minie Solutions our websites are based on three factors. Search engine optimization, increased conversion rates, and a user friendly layout. Each site is created on on the WordPress CMS to allow for easy updates,

You can expect timely updates on the progress of your website as-well as communications with our project manager, in the event you have any changes or recommendations.

SEO Integration
There is no use of a beautiful website unless it is found. Therefore we put an emphasis on creating a website that is search engine friendly. 

Each crafted design will be created under a SILO structure which allows all of your pages to be indexed on Google with ease. Each page will have configured meta-descriptions, header tags, and alt-image tags. 

Since speed is a factor within search engines, we connect your website with the fastest hosts to ensure each page loads under 2 seconds or less.

Increased Conversions
All our websites will have the ability to turn visitors into long-term clients via strategically placed opt-in buttons that capture client emails and phone numbers. You can expect increased conversions through:

  • Social media buttons
  • Building your mailing list by using subscription buttons
  • Live-Chat
  • Review System

Visually Appealing
A websites trust is based on its layout.  Therefore we guarantee each design to be visually appealing and comfortable for visitors. Your website will look beautiful regardless of the device, browser, or operating system it is viewed on. 


Since a website design is a marketing investment, you should be making a return on investment. We create our pricing based on different factors such as customer worth, traffic volume, and extra add-ons.

Sometimes we even recommend having our SEO services to give you optimal return on investment.