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No matter the size; every business needs to have a professional website. Without one, you run the risk of losing clients to your competitiors.

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Digital strategies that help your business grow.

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Each web design is structured for SEO and includes on-site SEO for each page.

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Landing pages and optin forms to turn visitors into long-page clients.

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Have access to our ticket suport system years after the websites completion.

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A professional website allows you to grow your business and stay one step ahead of your competitors. By focusing on lead generation, SEO, and an interactive design we are able to increase your conversion rates. 

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helping your business grow.

Web Design Toronto

At Minie Solutions we are experts at creating lead generating WordPress websites. Our designs allow you to collect client information and build your email list.

Slow loading pages can hurt your search engine rankings. We are able to increase the speed of your web pages by connecting you with Canada’s top hosting providers.

Professional Web Design in Toronto

The greater Toronto area has a population of 6.418 million people. There are also thousands of people travelling to Toronto daily for the Royal Ontario MuseumCasa Loma, and the CN Tower. There are many people in the urban city of Toronto and just as many businesses.

 In order to compete with online and offline sales, owning a professional website is vital. A web design agency in Toronto enables you to grow your physical and online sales by providing valuable information to potential clients.

The internet has become the main source for reading product information. People are able to gain insight on buyer factors like product reviews. 

Businesses choosing not to participate in online sales run the risk of losing potential clients to competitors. If a website does not seem safe, clients will simply move on to the next online vendor.

Any business choosing to compete against others online or offline should own a professional website. The internet has become the number one source for obtaining information on products and services. With a simple search, people are able to gain insight on product reviews. 

  • Strengthen brand credibility
  • Increase in leads
  • Market your products
web design toronto
web design toronto

The Advantages.

In the modern era if your business is not online your business does not exist. Your website is your online identity. Having a professional website strengthens your band. The tiniest change can make a difference in the perception of clients. A quality website will benefit businesses for the following reasons:

Generate Traffic
The amount of traffic is an influencing factor in the amount of sales your website makes. A poorly structured website will hinder the SEO performance. A decrease in visibility results in less traffic and sales. However, a professionally built website will have a site structure that is optimized for SEO and maintains a page loading speed of 2 seconds. Additionally, a poorly built website will not persuade buyers because they will not feel safe entering in credit card information. 

In the age of technology, many people expect a credible business to have an online presence. Would you trust a business that did not have a physical location? Owning a professional website ensures that customers trust your brand and feel safe to purchase from you. Customer reviews will act as a buying factor which will persuade potential clients to purchase your products. 

Organized Customer Service
 An online support system can be helpful for tackling multiple client inquiries and complaints. A ticketed support system is a method which will decrease the odds of bad reviews. With an online support system, your business will be able to manage customer complaints and view employee chat logs.

Increased ROI

Since a web design is a marketing investment, pricing is reflected based on the anticipated return on investment and workload. During the consultation you can expect a price depending on your websites functionality and design.

Sometimes we even recommend having our SEO services to give you optimal return on investment.

The Best At What We Do

At Minie Solutions our team of innovators and digital marketers bring a skill set that allows us to create “beyond ordinary” results.We have a thorough understanding of user habits and behaviors. Our knowledge is based on facts of innovation that will help you succeed.

Increased Profits
By focusing on email marketing initatives, SEO, and mobile functionality we are able to create lead generating websites. Strategic call to action buttons will allow us to collect customer data and send future promotions straight to their inbox. We aim to increase the overall ROI.

SEO Integration
We integrate a SILO structure which allow search engines to crawl your website effectively.  In order to speed up your website we compress its images and clear your cache. The following are configured for basic SEO: 

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Tags
  • Headers
  • Site-map
  • Page structure

 On-site SEO can only go so far which is why I recommend our SEO services to get you on the top page of Google.

Mobile Functionality
Mobile websites are included with each web design. Mobile functionality is not only important for lead generation but Google loves it as-well.