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Hundreds of people are using search engines to find your product online. Without SEO you run the risk of losing them to competitor. Search engine optimization is essential for every business that wishes to succeed online.

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Effective Marketing

Digital strategies that help your grow your business.

Competitor Analysis

1-Page competitor report. Our analysis of your top 5 competitors, their link building strategy, and how to out-rank them.

Keyword Research

Compiling the search volume of common high-value keywords within your niche.


Only ``Google Approved`` link building methods to keep your website safe from penalties.

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Our free SEO report provides insight on how many people are looking for business or products online.

The Shortcut to the 1st page

Hamilton SEO

When customers are searching for products, Google knows to gather relevant businesses at the top of its pages that are separate from SEO. You may have seen this when browsing for a place to eat nearby. This is commonly known as Google My Business.When a visitor enters a search query on Google that contains “local intent” (in this case plumber in kitchener), three grouped businesses appear. There’s an obvious emphasis on these locations because these businesses are displayed after PPC (paid adwords) results and before organic search results.Why does this matter? More searches occur on mobile devices than desktop. In In terms of mobile traffic statistics, the first result of the Google 3 pack receives 24.48% of clicks while the third and forth contain 13.81% and 9.5%.The Local 3 Pack can potentially be the first thing a customer sees when searching for your product or service. This can create tidal wave of visibility for your business. Minie Solutions can help you rank at the top of the 3-pack within months.

Steal The First Page
Your business will appear above organic search engine results.
Huge Buyer Factors
Display customer reviews, phone number, and business location.
Large Increase in Leads
Clients generally see 30-50 more phone calls towards their business per month.


Organic SEO

Increase your overall traffic and


SEO Hamilton

Why Hire SEO Hamilton Experts

Search engine optimization blows other forms of marketing out of the water. Radio and newspaper advertisements connect with a broad spectrum of customers which can be hit or miss. SEO is valuable because it narrows down to your client base and how many people are searching for your service or business.

By maintaining high page rankings your website is gaining organic exposure. People trust search engines to collect relevant data at the top of its pages. You can utilize this exposure to collect client emails and send out future promotions.

According to, Hamilton’s population is 536, 915 and has hundreds of thousands of sightseers travelling to city for the African Lion Safari, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Webster Falls.

There are very high odds that thousands of people are searching for your business and its services per month. Unless you are ranking at the top of the search engines your website will remain unseen, and those potential clients will reach out to your competitors.

SEO Hamilton is the perfect method to generate future clients in this digital era. People rarely use newspapers or Yellow Pages to find services because of the convenience of cellphones and computers.

  • Strengthen brand credibility
  • Increase in traffic
  • Increase in leads
seo hamilton

What You Need To Know

SEO is one of best methods to increase your organic traffic and online presence. A good SEO campaign will provide your business with the exposure it needs on multiple search engines. Let Minie Solutions SEO specialists help grow your business by increasing your traffic and overall profi

The Best at What We Do.

Hamilton SEO Experts

Our digital agency specializes in lead generation via SEO. With the latest tools for research and link-building we are able to stay one step ahead of the competition. Using paid and organic methods provides effective and efficient results.

What sets us apart from our competitors is we focus on the metrics that matter. With years of experience, we only target buyer keywords that WILL make you money locally and world-wide.

Website Safety
Using gray-hat methods puts your website in danger of incurring penalties. We only use clean methods that adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines so your website is  completely safe.

5-Page Report
Effective research is the bone structure of each SEO campaign. Our detailed 5-page report contains important factors in ranking which include competition link-building profile, keyword research and monthly search volumes, as-well as your websites configuration.

Unique Content
Optimization will only get you so far. You also need helpful content that visitors are compelled to share among friends. Minie Solutions teams with journalists to create grappling content that will make search engines and readers happy.

seo hamilton
Our Method For Reaching Page 1

SEO in Hamilton

Step 1: Website Optimization

We begin by configuring your website to work best with search engines. This means that we are editing important files such as the sitemap.xml and robot.txt. We then implement the latest schema structure so that search engine crawlers can easily find your future pages.  Afterwards, we set up important business features such as:

·         Google Webmaster and Analytics: Helpful for tracking your how visitors interact with your website and important statics like conversion rates and bounce rates.

·         Geo and XML sitemap for accurate co-ordinates with Google Maps to help rank locally

·         Contact-us page optimization

Step 2: Mobile Integration

We create a mobile design that is responsive for your website and its pages. We will convert and optimize all your pages for search engines and users. The data will be structured with Schema to help with your rankings and we will optimize your service pages for local search.

Step 3: Primary Listings
We send business signals to Google by setting up the following accounts for your business:

·         Google my business

·         Yahoo Local Set-Up

·         Apple’s Map connect set up

·         Bing Places Business set up (20% of search engine users use Bing)

Pricing is reflected based on the anticipated return on investment. We aim to provide each client 100% your ROI per campaign. Our anticipated ROI is customized for each individual business. Factors include:

  • Client Pricing
  • Websites ability to convert
  • Website Structure
  • Current SEO standing

Sometimes we even suggest having our web-designers build your websitefrom scratch for optimal SEO results.