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Everyday dozens of locals are searching for your business using search engines. They will most likely click on the websites of your competitors if you are not ranked first. SEO is essential for any business looking to build brand awareness and traffic online.

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Digital strategies that help your grow your business.

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1-Page competitor report. Our analysis of your top 5 competitors, their link building strategy, and how to out-rank them.

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Compiling the search volume of common high-value keywords within your niche.


Only ``Google Approved`` link building methods to keep your website safe from penalties.

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Toronto SEO Experts

When customers are searching for products, Google knows to gather relevant businesses at the top of its pages that are separate from SEO. You may have seen this when browsing for a place to eat nearby. This is commonly known as Google My Business.When a visitor enters a search query on Google that contains “local intent” (in this case plumber in kitchener), three grouped businesses appear. There’s an obvious emphasis on these locations because these businesses are displayed after PPC (paid adwords) results and before organic search results.Why does this matter? More searches occur on mobile devices than desktop. In In terms of mobile traffic statistics, the first result of the Google 3 pack receives 24.48% of clicks while the third and forth contain 13.81% and 9.5%.The Local 3 Pack can potentially be the first thing a customer sees when searching for your product or service. This can create tidal wave of visibility for your business. Minie Solutions can help you rank at the top of the 3-pack within months.

Steal The First Page
Your business will appear above organic search engine results.
Huge Buyer Factors
Display customer reviews, phone number, and business location.
Large Increase in Leads
Clients generally see 30-50 more phone calls towards their business per month.


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Increase your overall traffic and


SEO Services Toronto

Why Hire Toronto SEO Experts

No matter the size, every business absolutely needs SEO as part of their marketing strategy. People trust search engines to gather the most trustworthy websites as the top result.

The benefits of SEO are endless when done right. A well optimized site will be able to generate large amounts of organic traffic and convert visitors to leads by capturing their e-mail.

According to, Toronto is home to 2929 million people and hundreds of thousands of sight-seeing tourists who come for the CN Toweror the Budweiser stadium for concerts.

There’s a good chance that people are searching for YOUR business via search engines. Unfortunately, you are losing a good chunk of business to your competitors if you are not ranked on the first page of Google.

Toronto SEO Experts are vital for your business to prosper in the age of technology. Most people use their smart phones to find a business or service. With the help of a Toronto SEO expert you can increase your business visibility, generate more clients and leads, and gain success with search engines.

  • Strengthen brand credibility
  • Increase in traffic
  • Increase in leads
toronto seo experts

What You Need To Know

Each SEO campaign is designed to ensure your website ranks on the top page of Google for high-value keywords. We’re experts at analyzing and targeting buyer keywords that will make the most money for your business.

Our Guarantee

Toronto SEO Experts

Each SEO campaign is created to ensure your overall domain authority increases which will help boost your ranking to the first page of Google. We use a combination of local citations and Google Adwords for instant results. We only target buyer keywords to increase your ROI.

We value communication and transparency. We love to discuss your business and its goals with SEO. After our detailed planning sessions, you can expect weekly updates on your project the entire way until its complete.

Our philosophy for every client is transparency. Communication and transparency are vital in every business proposal. Therefore, we would love to discuss your goals with SEO and how we can make it happen. Expect weekly updates on your SEO project from start to finish.

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The Best At What We Do

Toronto SEO Specialist

At Minie Solutions, we’ve perfected the craft of ranking keywords effectively. With years of experience under our belt, we’re able to rank high-value keywords locally and globally.

Our methods are “white-hat” meaning that we abide by Google Webmaster guidelines to ensure no penalty’s are incurred when ranking your website for the first page.

We begin by analyzing your websites tag optimization and site structure.Our 5-page draft begins by analyzing your competition, high-value keywords and its monthly search volumes.

Great content is admired both by search engines and visitors. We team with in-house journalists to provide you with unique and helpful content that will help your ranking.

Pricing is reflected based on the anticipated return on investment. We aim to provide each client 100% your ROI per campaign. Our anticipated ROI is customized for each individual business. Factors include the worth of each client, your websites ability to convert, and your websites structure.

Sometimes we even recommend having our web-designers build your website from scratch for optimal SEO results.